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Our client came into our showroom and introduced Gayle Atherton his Feng Shui consultant to us.  Her name rang a bell, I had purchased her book in Singapore, she’s Australian and the highest ranked westerner accepted into the Hong Kong hierarchy of Feng Shui masters.  Her book makes total sense to me. She was the Dali Lama’s Feng Shui consultant.
Our client had flown her over to improve his corporate headquarters.  They spent quite a bit of time shopping and bought a number of items including a fabulous Ganesha (elephant deity “the remover of obstacles”). As they were getting ready to leave and Gayle walked to the door I couldn’t help asking her “What do you think?”  Her response was “You do not have a Feng Shui problem but I would add a pair of Prosperity Elephants at the front entrance of the building” and then showed us the exact spot.

My wife Rose and I are nuts with these things and started searching for prosperity elephants.  Really to no avail.  We couldn’t find what we wanted.  Gayle told us prosperity elephants have their trunks up. Our annual buying trip includes Thailand which is home base for everything elephant.  In northern Thailand we found the very best carver there.  My wife designed the trunks and we had a pair made. <<more>>  

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