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“The Sacred Space”

We’ve taken many trips to Asia hunting for treasures that are unique, rare, have history, religious, or related to personal growth. Our items have special connections to us and then their purchasers.
- Jack & Rose Herschorn

It’s been said it’s the journey not the destination. In our travels we find our growth and pleasures on the road, learning about the cultures and the historical ethno religious habits of the places and people we visit. We are fortunate to have a network of devoted people overseas helping us find the best of what’s available. Each piece you see in our catalogue, showroom and web site has been culled from hundreds and some cases thousands of items. Good things are not lying around for the savy to come and just pickup and ship home!

With the increased interest and the economic good times Asia is now enjoying, prices are skyrocketing and the good items are extremely rare. Compared to European, American, or Japanese antiques though Chinese, Tibetan, Indonesian, Nepal, Middle East and Thai are still a bargain.

At the Great Wall, shopping, David poses with the farmer Yang Jun Peng who found the first terra cotta soldier, 700 year old Doi Suthep Temple Chiang Mai Thailand,, invited to a “tooth filing” Bali Indonesia, crowds form around American children, an early middle eastern buying trip, negotiating for sarongs

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