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The container from Thailand arrived at Long Beach as is routine, US customs and Homeland Security required our container to be x-rayed.  What was not routine was that after being importers for many years, this container was singled out for a complete search which means every item is taken out of the container and many are opened for physical examination. 

After a lot of hassles and $1400 charge from customs and homeland security to search the container, we finally got the container to The Sacred Space in Summerland on a Thursday.  As we’re unloading we find packages that have been opened up and one of them is a package of about 200 very small bronze travel Buddhas about 1 ½” tall.  Ripped open and then taped back together with green homeland security tape.  With my wife’s quick mind she instantly said “Look Jack they thought we had a cluster bomb in the container. That is why they ripped open the package because they thought the Buddhas were shrapnel wrapped in a bomb.” 

Thinking about what she said, I thought that could be accurate and if it is that, it’s an interesting story for the newspaper, so I called them.  The Santa Barbara News Press sent a reporter and a photographer over.   They took some photos and they asked us a few questions and I asked the reporter if this was going to be in the paper and he said it will be in there somewhere! Friday the first day we have our prosperity elephants in front of the business the story appears on the front page of The Santa Barbara News Press and The Sacred Space, which is now all of 6 months old, is filled with clients, and continues to attract lots of new clients. 

In the year that we have had these elephants there have been numerous people who have wanted to purchase them from us.  These are not small elephants they are 1 meter tall and weigh 600 to 700 pounds each. 

A most notable story is when a well-known billionaire came to our shop who I would classify as an expert on prosperity and is one of our distinguished people in Santa Barbara.  After being in our shop for quite a while, he expressed an interest in buying our prosperity elephants.  He wanted to buy them right away but I told him I couldn’t sell this pair but I could have a similar pair made for him. They are expensive, I would have loved to have sold them but then I told him the story as I have told you and he said, “You can’t sell your prosperity”.

This year on our annual buying trip, we were able to find artisans and have custom made, prosperity elephants in many sizes and prices.  We have limited numbers and they are available to you now at The Sacred Space.

The Sacred Space, 2594 Lillie Ave. P.O. Box 944., Summerland, Ca 93067 805 565-5535
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